Robotic Knee Resurfacing is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is used to treat patients who have early-stage osteoarthritis.

This innovative technique involves the use of a robotic surgical system, such as the Cori Surgical System, which allows for precise and accurate bone preparation and implant positioning. This technique is performed by renowned joint replacement surgeon Dr. Tejas Upasani at his clinic in Mumbai.

Dr. Upasani is a pioneer in robotic joint replacement surgery, with over 20 years of experience and more than 1000 robotic joint replacement surgeries performed to date. He is one of the founders of this technique in Mumbai and has trained extensively in the use of the Cori Surgical System.

The Cori Surgical System uses advanced 3D imaging technology to create a virtual model of the patient’s knee, which allows for accurate planning and customization of the surgical procedure. During the surgery, the robotic arm is guided by Dr. Upasani to prepare the bone surface and place the implant with extreme precision, ensuring a perfect fit and alignment.

Robotic knee resurfacing has several benefits over traditional knee replacement surgery, including less pain, less blood loss, faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay. The minimally invasive approach also preserves more of the patient’s natural bone and tissue, which may be beneficial for future surgeries.

Dr. Upasani and his team use a personalized approach to each patient’s surgery, taking into account their individual needs and goals. They also use the latest pain management techniques to ensure that patients are comfortable during and after the procedure.

In conclusion, robotic knee resurfacing by renowned joint replacement surgeon Dr. Tejas Upasani using the Cori Surgical System is an advanced and innovative technique that offers several benefits over traditional knee replacement surgery. With his expertise and experience, Dr. Upasani provides patients with personalized care and the highest level of precision and accuracy in their surgical outcomes.